When I sat down to compile this section, I wasn’t exactly sure what to write. I can tell you that DeadFix is not trying to be on some intellectual, holier than thou bullshit, so feel to interpret DeadFix in whatever way feels right for you.

Part of our goal at DeadFix is to help you through your day and entertain you for a bit. If you’re at home bored or on a train somewhere, it can take you away for a minute. If you’re at work, and got some time to kill, watch some videos, look at pictures, or listen to the music. We guarantee a coconut smile on your face will result and it should make going back to the rest of your life that much better.

I do not claim ownership of the pictures posted, unless otherwise noted. If you want me to remove a picture that belongs to you, email me through the contact page and I’ll kindly remove it. Also if you see your work we’re more than happy to give you full credit.

Enjoy, Cheers, and Be Easy…

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