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Fox being a Fox

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tremendo thigh

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Regina Mayer jumps with her cow Luna over a hurdle in Laufen, southern Germany

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DJ Gay

Under-the-radar website Diary of a Hollywood Street King set Twitter ablaze on Sunday with a plixi-started rumor of legendary hip hop DJ Mister Cee aka Calvin Lebrun allegedly being arrested for engaging in a “gay sex act.”

While we can’t confirm the exact details, ANIMAL did confirm that a one Calvin Lebrun (Cee’s correctly spelled name, Wikipedia spells it different) was busted on Wednesday, March 30th, and charged with “Public Lewdness,” which is consistent with the details of the mugshot and information accompanying it.

Although no official word has been sent out from Hot97, fellow DJ Funkmaster Flex took to his website claiming the story is just a rumor. Coincidental that Cee was arrested on Wednesday and this rumor surfaced? You be the judge.

UPDATE: The Daily News reports that Mister Cee was arrested for engaging in a lewd sex act with another man and according to a “police source,” Mister Cee was busted twice before, “both times for loitering for the purpose of prostitution.”

Via Team Rojas .. PS go listen to their new mix shit’s awesome!!

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Bike chick

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Good luck yawning now…

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My 2nd girl Lola

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My girl Cali...

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Santo's girl Haze

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Gilberto's Girl Nicki

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Jorge's dude Psycho

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Patrick pooping

Looks like Patrick is going to make it

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Kisha Curtis

Newark, New Jersey

It took over a week, but the owner of Patrick the Pit Bull that was horrifically abused has been located and charged. Kisha Curtis, 28, is the alleged owner of the one year old puppy that was within hours of death when he was found on March 16, 2011. His emaciated body was tossed in a plastic bag and thrown down a garbage chute.

Friday, March 25, 2011, Ms. Curtis was charged with two counts of abandonment and two counts of failure to provide proper sustenance to the animal.

Watch a recent video of Patrick and read more on this miracle pup, and the person alleged to have abused him, after the jump.
UPDATED March 30, 2011 here.

Authorities have called it one of the worst cases of animal abuse they’ve ever seen.

Just over a week ago, March 16, 2011, workers at Newark apartment complex were removing garbage from a chute and into a compactor when they noticed a bag move.

They opened the bag to find a mixed, pit bull puppy near death. The workers from the the Garden Spires apartment building, a 550-unit complex, called Newark Animal Control, who in turn called Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park.

Patrick was immediately taken to 24-hour Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls, N.J.

They wrapped his tiny body, with bones protruding from his fur, in a heating blanket. He was given IV fluids and a blood transfusion. He had no body temperature. Yet for some reason, this little pup had an extremely strong desire to live!

After surviving the night, they named him Patrick on March 17, 2011 and referred to him as a miracle dog.

Veterinarian’s are cautiously optimistic about a full recovery for Patrick.

Seven veterinarians and several veterinary technicians have been nursing Patrick around-the-clock, feeding him intravenously and warming him with heated blankets.

People around the globe became outraged after learning of Patrick’s abuse and donations began pouring in for his care. Everyone the story touched wanted Patrick’s owner found and charged.

That happened yesterday, Friday, March 25, 2011.

Matthew Stanton, a spokesman for the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced that Kisha Curtis faces two criminal counts and two civil counts, which could result in up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine and community service if convicted.

Six months and $1000.00 fine, maybe community service? Why such leniency in a case so sadistically barbaric? The person responsible for this little pit bull’s torture deserves at least the same punishment that Michael Vick received, if not more. It took months to starve Patrick—-he was a tiny puppy!

This cruelty deserves a much harsher sentence! Look at the picture’s and video’s of this dog—-look in his eyes, and then tell me that kind of treatment is only worthy of a slap on the hand!

Patrick’s story is horrific and inexcusable. The images are graphic and you might want to turn away. However, if you’re among the many animal lovers out there, you need to know about this dog and what he went through, in order to help stop animal abuse. When united, angry voices can accomplish much.

Garden State Veterinary Specialists has issued the following statement:

GSVS has been overwhelmed by the heartwarming response of thousands of people to Patrick’s story. At this time, we have discontinued accepting donations directly to our hospital for Patrick. Patrick’s care has been assured through the generosity of animal lovers everywhere. Patrick’s plight reminds us that there are many animals that suffer terrible abuse and are being rescued every day by organizations such as the Associated Humane Societies. Should you wish to honor Patrick, you are encouraged to donate to your local organization in his name. We will continue to keep everyone updated on his condition and the ultimate ending to this happy story.

There are so many ‘Patrick’s ‘of all breeds out there that are sadistically abused and they all need to be rescued. However, pit-bulls are the most horrifically brutalized out of all the breeds. They’re used as bait dogs, kept on rape stands, beaten, burned, have their teeth yanked out—-all the better to turn them them into mean and vicious fighters, so the low-life’s can make some money!

This has to be stopped, but until we demand the laws change, animal abuse will continue. Yes, even with new laws the abuse will continue, but there will be a drastic reduction.

We need to hold these ‘humans’ accountable and give them harsh sentences!

Kisha (Kiesha) Curtis, who allegedly inflicted this torture on Patrick, denies being the one that threw him down the garbage chute. Her reason for the starvation? She said she couldn’t take care of him anymore!

Anyone with two working brain cells would know the moment they realized they were incapable of caring for an animal, that they should find it a new home, or surrender the pet to the Humane Society or a rescue group.
As I said, this is inexcusable!

I urge you to let the judicial system in Newark, New Jersey, know how you feel about Kisha Curtis and her alleged starvation and cruelty to Patrick, the miracle dog. No creature deserves to be mistreated, for any reason—ever.

Animal and child abusers can take all their excuses straight to hell with them, as far as I’m concerned.

What say you about Kisha Curtis and the two counts of abandonment, plus two counts of failure to provide proper sustenance, that she has been charged with?

What do you think of New Jersey’s very lenient animal abuse laws?

The Prosecutor’s office to contact is:
Essex County: Prosecutor’s Office:
Carolyn A. Murray, Acting Essex County Prosecutor
50 W Market St # 3
Newark, NJ 07102-1690
(973) 621-4700
Be nice and be kind, but do express your concern.

Anyone willing to lash out on her I am willing to pay any amount of money for a video of her getting her ass kicked or anything else you decide to do.

Here’s her facebook page:
Kisha’s facebook Page

Please repost the hell out of this!!!

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