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McLoving it

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Crack Dog

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Thou shalt always kill

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Free fall

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Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 and the Marleys 1979

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cat girl

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bat boy

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sumatran tiger

Only 400 Sumatran tigers are left in the world.

Fewer tigers than sheets in a ream of paper. There are no tigers to spare. And there’s no time to spare if we want to save them.

In 1930, there were three subspecies of unique, majestic tigers found in Indonesia. Today, two of them are extinct – and the last one is in real trouble.

They need our help now. Please make an urgent donation to help save them.

The Sumatran tiger is classified as “critically endangered” – on the brink of extinction and barely hanging on.

They’ve lost 93% of their habitat because companies like Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) are destroying their forest homes. Tigers are left to roam barren tracks where they are easily slaughtered by poachers for their body parts or shot by the people moving in.

To fight back, we need your help to expose the massacre, pressure corporations to cut ties with APP and fight on the ground to save these last remaining Sumatran tigers.

We can’t wait another day – not when we’re dealing with a population of only 400 tigers. If we don’t act now, every one of these beautiful animals will soon be dead.

Since Greenpeace takes absolutely no money from corporations or governments, we depend entirely on you to power our independent and hard-hitting campaigns. Will you help save these 400 Sumatran tigers?

Please help us raise $50,000 in the next 9 days to make it possible. We need just 100 gifts from supporters in FL to reach our goal.

Without you, the tigers don’t stand a chance. Without your action, APP will continue lining its pockets with profits, poachers will continue shooting these tigers and reselling their body parts in places like China, and these last Sumatran tigers will just be collateral damage.

But together, we can stop them.

With the financial help of supporters like you, we’ve already put the squeeze on APP, convincing major companies like Nestle, Kraft and Unilever to stop buying products linked to rainforest destruction. Now APP is running for cover, claiming that they’re actually conservationists in a series of new, bogus ads.

We’re ready to put the nail in APP’s profit coffin by running ads across the country to expose the companies that do business with them, flooding them with calls and letters, and continuing to fight on the ground to protect Sumatran tiger families – but we need your support to make all of this happen.

Please give these last Sumatran tiger families a future – before it’s too late.

Together we’ve rallied to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems and won victories to protect the planet – and I know we can do it again to save the Sumatran tiger.

Together we are powerful, together we make a difference.

Please donate through this link which is green Peace.

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Manu Chao

coming to Miami September 9th !!!

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