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Shower time

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Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm Remix Feat. Lil’ Kim Uncensored

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Ron English

I received an Email asking; “who is my favorite artist?” Here you go… Ron English… Might even tattoo some of his work soon…

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Indiana State Fair Stage Falls

This shit is fucking nuts. RIP to the 4 people who died. Fuck

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To all Dead Fix Fans and Followers. I have only posted shit like this one other time but I am asking any of you that see this to either donate $5 or at least help by reposting this on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. Please!!! Thank you. Here’s the story:

The Trio Animal Foundation is in urgent need of funds to help give this dog the lifesaving medical care that he needs.

Dozer’s story is a horrible one. I can’t believe that this poor guy has survived this long.

Dozer was just rescued this week from an abusive household. The story about what happened isn’t totally clear but from what we can gather, the husband’s form of discipline was to repeatedly kick Dozer over and over on a regular basis. One night, the husband went to hit his wife and Dozer went after him and bit his ankle. Infuriated, the husband grabbed his gun and shot Dozer.

Dozer was able to run to the neighbor’s house and hide under her porch. When the husband came out to shoot him again, the 80 year woman that lived in the house came out with a broom and warned that if he touched Dozer then he would have to deal with her.

Even though the elderly woman was initially afraid of Dozer, she protected him for days. Dozer sat under her porch, untreated, for 5 days.

During this time, Dozer repeatedly scratched at his gunshot wound. His wound is now 8 inches long, 4 inches wide and has a depth of 1 inch.

This is where the Trio Animal Foundation comes in…

Currently, Dozer is being housed at a grooming facility and we are working to get him to Chicago so that he can get the intensive medical care that he needs.

At this point, Dozer already has a fever of over 103 degrees and he is only receiving oral antibiotics and pain pills. He needs x-rays, surgery, IV antibiotics, IV pain medications, heartworm testing and possibly treatment when he is strong enough, vaccinations, neutered, hospitalization, etc.

This is more money than TAF can afford to spend on him right now. We have so many animals already under our wing that is a bit overwhelming.

We have committed to paying Dozer’s medical bills but we need your help. This dog deserves the best chance possible to survive. Such evil must be undone.

Every donation, both small and large, would be most appreciated. Even as I write this, one of our dogs is receiving hip surgery. We are dealing with some major abuse cases right now, cases that we just could not turn away.

If you can make a tax-deductible donation, you can visit our website at www.trioanimalfoundation.o​rg and pay by credit card or send a check to Trio Animal Foundation, 516 N. Ogden Ave. Suite 199, Chicago, IL 60642.

We would really appreciate it if you would share this post so that we can spread the word about Dozer.

Please help us to do right by this dog.

Facebook link


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Asian Baller Schools And Dunks On Lebron James

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Just Play

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KIDULT X KENZO from eric on Vimeo.

Dude keeps it going…

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