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13 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Dear,
    I follow your site for quite some time now. Deadfix rocks! So nice how you always have the latest cool stuff presented on your site.

    I myself try to contribute to the whole tattoo from a communication point of view.

    After nine months, the thriving blog about tattoos, is transformed into an online search engine for tattoo inspiration. From today, tattoo enthusiasts can be more easily be inspired by searching through on body part, style, design and artist.

    To promote the website launch, the vision of Some Quality Meat is told in a short film. Check it out on the About page.

    Kind regards,


  2. INDEBT says:

    again much props, made this new video, check it out if you have the time


    Keep up the good work!

  3. Joshua says:

    Thank you for this blog. I follow very few, and this one I always find things to enjoy.

  4. JR305_ says:

    just hit you up on instagram was wondering if you stayed in my building plus id like one of those pullovers to rock while i skate

  5. Geraunimo says:

    I Love your site.

    I was wondering who is she ? http://deadfix.com/2013/01/30/profession/profession/#.URWikI4fnF9

    Hope you know the answers.

    Thanks in advanced

    And again love your site

  6. LO says:

    Where can I buy this wall map? How much is it?

  7. nospaceape says:

    Im from Miami and just drop this album filled with spellbound lyrics with hypnotize beats take a night rime bike ride with me creeping down Miami at 3 am trying to find the Sun Goddess. Listen to Rotten Flowers,$APE$, Sex and Death. Ive been following you guys since 2011, and even use to send Lowa Letta music to you guys. It would mean a lot to see my music on your site. I bet you never heard anything like this before. Enjoy


  8. Harry Kaufmann says:

    I came across this site last weekend and now one of my
    photos is on the front page! Crazy coincidence.


  9. Jacqueline Greene says:

    Your bullfighting story is a bit skewed and since the picture you used is of someone else, I figure you know it. I checked with Snopes.com, and although Torero Alvaro Munera did become anti-bullfighting, it did not happen in a single moment, but gradually over a period of years, and did not happen until after being gored by a bull paralyzed him. This picture is of a different torero.

  10. JD says:

    could just switch to tumblr :P

  11. Keyms says:

    Keep it up !

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