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New site

So if you are reading this it means you are on the new site. Tonight we had no idea we would launch but we worked on the site and said fuck it launch this shit! If you look around the new layout you will notice everything is more organized as well as more user interactive. We want all of you to feel part of the site by being able to come out on our Twitter feed as well as our Facebook feeds, be able to comment, repost, and even fucking print a picture right off our site. We are super fucking backed up with emails but we would appreciate some feedback. Please leave all feed back on our Facebook wall so we can see how you’re feeling this.

Hope you like this shit and realize that we are doing this for all the followers!


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a Mill is Ill

So first of all this shit is pretty fucking dope right now. I just found out we cracked a million hits last night!!! First of all thank you to each and every single one of you that are reading this!!! You guys/girls are the reason why we do this and continue to. We will be launching the new site hopefully by next week but I do have one request, please suggest our Facebook Page as well as our Twitter to everyone you know. I will be getting to everyone’s emails by the close of next Friday. Thank you all for being loyal and helping us achieve this goal!

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