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THIS FRIDAY AT GRAND CENTRAL MIA  A SPECIAL TREAT FOR ART BASEL  IN THE MAIN ROOM  B.Y.O.B. MIAMI  (-(--(BRING YOUR OWN BEAM)--)-)  MEETS  FRIDAY NIGHT H.I.T.S.  PLUS  PSYCHIC MIRRORS (Performing Live!)  AND A WHOLE NIGHT OF  DJ BENTON  anyone interested in contributing may contact us via daniellava@gmail.com  CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Alan Schaffer, Amanda Green, Billy Rennekamp, Cat Dove with Kyle Chapman, Daniel Leyva, Elisa Giardina Papa, Jeane Cooper, Jen Stark, Jonathan Vingiano, Katrina Toimil, Kyunghee Jwa, Lazaro Rodriguez, Luca Bolognesi, Lucy Chinen with Emilie Gervais, Margaret Penney, Marisa Olson, Pablo Gnecco, Rene Abythe, Ryder Ripps, Sarah Weis, Spencer Ashby, Sterling Crispin, Steve Saiz, Theo Michael, Ubermorgen.com, Walter Latimer with Benjamin Kellogg.  THIS IS A FREE EVENT FOR EVERYONE TO ATTEND, 21 +

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