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RIP to one of our favorite Philly boys… Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier

RIP Joe Frazier

Rest In Power – to one of our favorite Philly boys… Joe Frazier

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Hofmann’s Potion (LSD documentary)

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Boner Wolf

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Dead Fix Shirts!

You asked for DeadFix T-Shirts and we deliver..

-T-Shirt will be sold through our online shop – (Click on the Shop link on the menu bar or click on Biggie)

-The Shop opens Tuesday at Midnight (12 a.m. Wednesday E.T./ 9pm Tuesday P.T.) We will have sizes for men S-XXL

-We will be able to ship worldwide!!!!

-We will have a limited run of just 50 shirts (This is our inaugural t-shirt run and will eventually have more down the road)

-We DO NOT have women T-Shirts yet but we are working on them (Order a men’s small and cut that fucker up)

-All shirt orders will bring include a DeadFix sticker

-If you buy a T-Shirt, feel free to submit us a DOPE picture of you with it (We will post it)

-Shirts will ship out 3-4 after the order is processed

-We will be shipping via United Postal Service (They need the business and we are going to support them)

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Mouse Tits

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Miami Green Sign Dirt, 3i7, Whie

Fuck YES…
Via –

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Tremendo Toe

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